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March Madness + St. Patty's Day = Dog Ate Homework

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You know how the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday because it’s the frenzied shopping day when all the department stores get into the black for the year? Can we all agree that St. Patty’s Day slash NCAA Tournament week is a drinking establishment’s equivalent? Walking through Manhattan last night, I simply assumed the city had extended the Irish holiday another 24 hours. Bars were packed with people watching TV with mouths agape, as 19-year-olds in long shorts shot prayers at the basket as the clock expired. Never have so many felt so invested in something they know so little about. Northern Iowa? Yes! Ohio? Boo!

Last night wasn’t pretty for a few heavy favorites, like Georgetown and Vanderbilt, and I’m sure it’s not pretty either for many night-owls whose figurative candle has officially burned their fingers from both ends. What’s the limit for how many consecutive days you can tell your boss your train got stuck in the tunnel? Comic Nick Swardson urges you to be creative in this March Madness themed VitaminWater ad.

To be honest, I think the sight of him in that Cinderella dress actually gave me Hepatitis Z. So thank you, Mr. Swardson, I now have a legitimate excuse to go home and “rest.” In totally unrelated news, Morgan State and West Virginia tip-off at 12:15.

Your turn, PopWatchers: What events caused YOU to shirk responsibility for a day in front of the TV set?