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Betty White to Larry King: 'I'm the luckiest old broad who ever drew breath.'

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The ever-charming Betty White stopped by CNN last night to chat with Larry King about her current status as America’s Sweetheart (AARP Division). She was, as expected, a delight. The Proposal star told King she credits her success to “sheer blind luck,” calling herself “the luckiest old broad who ever drew breath.” She also admitted some nerves about her upcoming SNL gig this May and told King she has no idea what skits they’ll do. “I’m not backseat driving,” she said. “I’ll do whatever they tell me to do.” Check out the clip for your morning shot of adorable. (Warning: You may want to plug your ears around the 1:05 mark if you’d rather avoid the embarrassment of hearing King say “By the way, do you Twitter?”)