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Tiger Woods' return to the greens: Calling all golf virgins...

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Image Credit: UPI/Eric Gay/Pool/Landov, Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty ImagesPopWatch HQ is not exactly chock full of sports fans. Our Super Bowl took place at the Kodak a week ago Sunday, with Kathryn Bigelow’s Hurt Locker defeating James Cameron’s Avatar in commanding fashion. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know all about Tiger Woods.  We even hear that at one time, before all the shenanigans, dude was a heckuva golfer.

And so you can bet that even though some of us needed Google’s help to figure out that “Augusta” and “The Masters” are one in the same, we’ll be tuning in to watch Tiger get back on the greens for the tournament this April, to try and recapture greatness after falling victim to one of the biggest celebrity scandals in recent times. Will he look cool and focused or distracted and nervous? How will the crowd react to him? Will the commentators dance around his personal life, or will they use it to color his performance throughout the tournament? Will Elin be there? Will he succeed or fail? All enticing non-golf-related drama that will no doubt spur many to lose their golf virginity this April.

Which leads us to you, PopWatchers…and the question you probably saw coming the moment you saw the headline: Will Tiger’s return be the first golf event you ever watched on TV? Take the poll and then let us know what you find most irresistible about his return to the game in the comments below.

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