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What's That Song? Commercial Edition: The story behind the new Target ad

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We’ll be looking at a host of new ad songs in next week’s print issue, but as our spelunking sent us far (Uraguay!) and wide (Swedish songstress Miss Li: a friend to Volvos and Nanos alike), it also got us an unexpected backstory, via this high-rotation Target ad:

That song: “Birds are sending down a message / flower blossoms overhead”… Dug up from the archives of some shoe-gazey, nature-whispering Brit-pop act, decades and continents away? Oh contraire, commercial-music friend. The track—or more accurately, stand-alone 30-second snippet—was made to order for Target by a Minneapolis production house, Modern Music.

We called MM’s headquarters in Minnesota to find out more, and learned that this isn’t the first time that one of their made-for-TV jingles spurred a raft of Yahoo! Answers queries. Their jazzy recast of The Sound of Music classic “16 Going On 17” for a State Farm ad (streamable here) apparently inspired enough demand to instigate a full-length free download of the song on State Farm’s betterteendriving.com.

As for the still-untitled Liberty of London track, composed in-house by MM employees John Hermanson and Eric Fawcett, creative director Daron Walker tells EW, “We gathered a bunch of music we thought was interesting just for reference, and the first thing we did for it was this kind of glitchy slower disco, but it was just too trippy with the visuals. And then Eric, who’s British, was like, ‘It should be more British!’ We’re working on [recording] a full-length version, but we don’t actually own the song, Target does.”

Your turn, readers: Have other recent ads sent you hunting on iTunes, to no avail? What are your current commercial-to-playlist favorites? Tell us in the comments section below.

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