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Raj Patel refuses to humor the Colbert Nation by pretending he really is the messiah

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On last night’s Colbert Report, Raj Patel, author of The Value of Nothing, spoke to Stephen via satellite to unceremoniously deny that he is the second coming of Buddha. A religious group called “Share International” headed by a man named Boston Creme Doughnut claims Patel is a form of the Messiah they call “Maitreya” — due to his age, skin tone, travel habits, and speech patterns. Stephen just thinks it’s because Patel got the Colbert Bump when he was a guest on the Report in January.

Is anyone getting “The Human Fund” vibes from “Share International”? And if not Raj Patel, who else could be the second coming of Buddha? Their birthdays don’t work, but my two best guesses are below.

“Hey buddy.”