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'NCIS' exclusive: Will 'Jericho' star Ashley Scott destroy Tiva?!

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ncis-castingImage Credit: RD/Montemagni/Retna ltd; Art Streiber/CBSIs Jericho survivor Ashley Scott about to launch a full-scale attack on Tiva? Or am I just tricking you into reading an otherwise run-of-the-mill casting item? Keep reading and find out!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Scott has closed a deal to guest star on NCIS this May as Dana Hutton, a ZNN reporter who vanishes without a trace. The NCIS crew is tasked with tracking her down, but one member of the team ends up taking a, ahem, special interest in the case. Guesses? Here’s a hint: There’s a clue embedded in the image to the left. Give up? Keep reading for the answer!

Warning: Incoming spoiler…

It’s DiNozzo that ends up taking a, ahem, special interest in the case!

Confession: I added “ahem” and italicized “special interest” for dramatic effect. The truth is, although Tony does take a special interest in the case, I don’t know for sure that he takes a special interest in the case, if you catch my drift.

Bottom line: If you’re still reading this news story then my plan worked! Mwhahahahahaha. In other news, follow me on Twitter via @ewausiellofiles