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A preview of tonight's 'Letterman': Guest Jimmy Kimmel's new 'sucker-punch' for Leno

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Be sure to tune in to tonight’s Late Show to see Jimmy Kimmel and Dave land some new blows on Jay Leno as they reminisce fondly about the golden age of feuding just passed. Letterman clearly loved all the stuff Kimmel did during NBC’s appalling decisions regarding Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show mess, especially the night Kimmel did his own show dressed as Leno. Kimmel’s priceless response: “It’s fun to be Jay — it’s easier. You should try it some time.” Here’s a preview:

It’s fascinating to hear Letterman say, “Nobody got hurt — only NBC did. They lost hundreds of millions of dollars, and who cares about NBC?… Jay didn’t get hurt, Conan didn’t get hurt… I certainly didn’t get hurt.” Then note Kimmel’s quick response: “I think Conan might disagree.”

It’s also an interesting peek into Letterman’s thinking when he compares the joking to “like it used to be when we were at The Comedy Store [in L.A., where Leno and Letterman were young stand-up comics], always insulting and attacking one another, and we couldn’t have had a better time.”

This is one way Dave and Jay are similar: For all their differences in style, they’re both veteran club comics, used to playing rough.

The ease between Letterman and Kimmel talking here is a pure pleasure to watch.

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