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Christopher Gorham is thrilling us!

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Doesn’t this photo of him just scream “SUSPENSE”? Consider this PopWatch’s official apology for leaving Ugly Betty star Christopher Gorham out of our ‘Ugly Betty: What Should the Stars Do Next?’ photo gallery, in which we (and you readers) focused on proposing lateral moves for the Betty cast to jump to different TV shows. Those ideas were brilliant. But suddenly, “Oh!” Henry has gone and gotten himself cast in a major motion picture. Christopher Gorham will join Terrence Howard, Liv Tyler, and Patrick Wilson in The Ledge, a suspense thriller written and directed by Matthew Chapman. It’s about a guy (Charlie Hunnam) standing atop a high-rise building, threatening to jump by noon. Gorham will play “the troubled man’s roommate,” a television editor. If he is really a television editor, I am guessing he is troubled, too. Are you as excited as we are to see the (so cute you almost didn’t believe he was really) nerdy kid from Popular in this big-time movie?

Who else from Ugly Betty should set his or her sights on movies, and which types? I don’t mean to be irreverent here, but I had to watch the trailer for Fast Getaway while researching EW’s Corey Haim: 13 Roles We’ll Remember, and couldn’t help wishing Michael Urie would “host” a similarly formatted fabulous man’s guide to life. I’d watch that. I bet Christopher Gorham and his roommate in The Ledge would watch that….

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Image credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos