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'Captain America': New details, including another possibility for the starring role

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Marvel Studios’ search continues for the perfect actor to don the red, white, and blue suit and spread American ideals in the big-screen adaptation of Captain America. Today’s rumor mill throws G.I. Joe’s Channing Tatum into a mix of 20-something-year-olds that include the known, Ryan Phillippe, Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans; the semi-known, Tron’s Garrett Hedlund (UPDATE: We’re now hearing that Garrett is no longer in the running), Cloverfield’s Mike Vogel, Gossip Girl’s Sebastian Stan; and the unknown, Young and the Restless’s Wilson Bethel. The studio held lengthy screen tests last weekend for at least four of those actors (Hedlund has not yet screen-tested, though sources believe he is the studio’s first choice), and Marvel is expected to have a decision soon.

In the meantime, we’ve got a few plot details to share. Sources tell EW that Captain America, which is set to begin filming in June for a release next summer, will be shot on location in London as the Joe Johnston-helmed movie will feature a stylized 1940s WWII backdrop. And while Cap won’t be fighting Hitler as he did in the very first Captain America comic book, he will battle Red Skull, Hitler’s right-hand man.

Probably the biggest challenge with Marvel’s casting challenge is not the Captain America movie, but what comes next. Marvel’s plans include an Avengers film that will bow in summer 2012. And anyone familiar with Marvel lore knows that Captain America is a father figure to the rest of the Avengers. That means Marvel’s casting choice for Cap must be someone who can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury, and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, to name a few. “They’re casting two franchises here,” said a source close to the production. “This is no easy feat.”