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Some of Twitter’s best and brightest lent their star power to a benefit show at UCB LA Friday night. The trailer for “A Night of 140 Tweets: A Celebrity Tweetathon for Haiti” contains some fresh language:

Did you notice a naked guy in there? Yeah, that was Mad Men star Rich Sommer, who talked to EW about his charity-driven decision to go full monty:

How did this come about?

I was invited to do the show by Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel, who did a lot of coordinating for the show; they were trying to find people that were interesting or had some sort of presence on Twitter that they knew. [You can follow @RichSommer here.]

Image Credit: Jason Merritt/WireImage.comAnd the nudity? How did that come about?

I had a pocketful of tweets that I had written in the last year or so that I was thinking about using. But then Harris Wittels, a writer for Parks and Recreation, told me about an idea he had for himself: “I was going to go out naked and tweet about having a dream that I was naked in front of everyone.” And I said, if you’re really not going to do it…I’d rather do something I know is funny that someone else wrote than something I wrote that may or may not be funny. It was about 45 minutes or a half-hour before I was going to go on… I turned to my wife and asked, Would you hate me if I did this?, and she said, Well, it’s for charity.

This is not the first time you’ve been stunt nude, right? I mean, we’ve all seen the pantsless subway ride photos

And I wore a diaper in Aimee Mann’s Christmas show in December, so it’s really ramped up.

Does this mean we’ll maybe see some nudity from Harry on season 4 of Mad Men?

That’s totally up to the writers. I will take this as my venue to plead that they not [go there].

Do you see yourself doing more comedy stuff?

I hope so! Comedy is where I always planned to end up. Having an opportunity like Mad Men obviously has shifted that focus, but I’m open to anything that comes my way. At the Twitter show, I met the guys from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and that’s a show I’d love to someday make an appearance on. It’s one of the funniest shows on TV. Or Modern Family, which appeals to a different group…it’s one of the smartest network shows. It’s doing what The Office has always done, which is be really really funny and then have a big dose of heart at the end.

Not unlike your nudity.

[Laughs] Really funny with a big dose of heart. That’s what I hope my nudity accomplishes. … Part of the reason I thought it was a great idea was I knew I was one of the few people who’d be willing to do it, and I hoped it’d drive traffic to the whole point of the evening: All the money from the video and the DVD goes to Artists for Peace and Justice to benefit the Haitian Schools Initiative. I hope my shame and living a true nightmare can help people.

A naked Rich Sommer’s wish is my command. You can preorder the DVD here, or preorder the VOD here.

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