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'Airplane!': Peter Graves-y things to say today

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While Mission: Impossible actor Peter Graves should be remembered for each and every role — from “Narrator of USAF Briefing Film” in the MST3K-lampooned Attack of the Eye Creatures to Rev. Camden’s father, “The Colonel,” on 7th Heaven — most of us will always (and often only) know him as Captain Clarence Oveur in 1980’s Airplane! (and its sequel!) This character pretty much defined ridiculata as we know it today.

In his honor, you may wish to incorporate the following potent quoteables into your Monday:

  • “Get me Ham on five, hold the Mayo” (cafeteria)
  • “You ever seen a grown man naked?” (anywhere but public transit)
  • “Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?” (whenever, wherever)
  • “He’s a menace to himself and everything else in the air. Yes, birds too.” (if you blasphemously alter this to “on the air,” it could refer to anyone on TV)
  • “That’s Clarence Oveur. Over,” “Roger, Roger” or “What’s our vector, Victor?” (to someone you know won’t get it and who will be more than a little annoyed, to your delight)
  • “Well, not for another two hours.” (when asked for an ETA on a speciifc task; for example, my next PopWatch item)

EW once called Airplane! the No. 1 funniest movie on video. I’ll be watching my DVD this week. What about you — how will you remember Peter Graves? And which of these lines have you already used today?

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