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Lady Gaga on Beyonce's reaction to the 'Telephone' video: 'What's in your head, girl?!'

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“Any time I think about you, I wonder what it would be like to be part of your brain matter,” Ryan Seacrest told Lady Gaga when she called in to his radio show today. “What do you see when you close your eyes?” Turns out Gaga’s “Telephone” co-star Beyoncé has asked her the very same question. Actually, the precise words Gaga says Beyoncé used were, “What’s in your head, girl?!”

Gaga had only the nicest things to say about Queen B. “We’re not competitive at all,” she told Seacrest. “We’re so different, you know, and we respect each other so much. She’s so kind. We get along. She was very courageous in this video. I mean, can you imagine me saying, ‘Okay, now, Beyoncé, now you have to call me a very bad girl and feed me a honey bun’?…She trusted me because she likes my work, and she trusted me because she knew that I love her and that it’s a mutual respect. It ended up being a masterpiece because she was so courageous.”

While Gaga didn’t go into too much depth about what’s in her head, she did explain part of what’s on her head in the “Telephone” video — namely, those Diet Coke can curlers that have been turning heads since Friday. “My mom used to do that when I was a kid,” Gaga revealed. “If we didn’t have any rollers in the house, she would just slice up some Coke cans and then she’d heat them up and put them in her hair.” Guess we know where some of her unusual fashion sense comes from.

Gaga also spoke on Oscar champ The Hurt Locker, which she says she’s watched “a couple times.” “It’s terrifying, isn’t it?…I think it’s even more terrifying because it’s a war that we know. It’s happening right now.”

Click over to Seacrest’s website to hear their full radio chat, or watch Gaga and Beyoncé’s “Telephone” video again above if you need a refresher. Then let us know what you think is in the pop provocateur’s head.

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