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iPads are now officially for pre-sale: Are you a proud pre-owner yet?

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ipad-macIt’s 8:30 a.m. this Friday morning, PopWatchers: Do you know where your credit card information is? I ask, simply and importantly, because now is the exact time that Apple’s iPad officially goes on presale at the Apple store, which had been suspiciously “updating” all morning. (Updating with oodles of iPad purchase deets, no doubt!) Squeeeee!

I haven’t moseyed over to Apple quite yet to further send my credit score into the red—but don’t worry, I will as soon as the EW.com editors stop breathing down my neck a bit this morning. But, I ask: Did you? Are you satisfied with your pre-purchase at this point? Was the process easy?

Another thing I was thinking about is what happens the day the iPad actually arrives in your hot little hands. Are you already planning to use a sick day on the release day, April 3, so you can play all day? Or are you being all proper and formally taking a vacation day? Tell me in the comments!

Tanner on Twitter: @EWTanStransky

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