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Dana Carvey on Leno: Best Barack Obama impression ever, plus...ethnic guys

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The always-entertaining Dana Carvey dropped by The Tonight Show last night with selections from his rainbow coalition impression package. He kicked things off with Japanese business man, which got some laughs, but the audience seemed taken aback by his George Lopez, which he reprised with four — count ’em FOUR — “Creamcicle” references throughout the interview. He also did his Al Gore, George W., and Ronald Reagan impressions and added the best Barack Obama I’ve heard yet to the presidential suite.

Carvey kept it international after the commercial with a Chinese guy impression (which went redneck at the end ) and angry Indian guy. The latter bit’s highlight was when Carvey made Jay visibly nervous with the phrase “punk-ass little bitch” — and then said it a second time at the end, just for giggles.

All-in-all, very entertaining. Yet I can’t help but think people probably said the same thing about Rich Little.

(And is Jay the master of the segue, or what? Following the Barack impression: “Talking with Dana Carvey, talking politics. Are you in the whole global warming debate?” After the Brokaw-Olympics bit: “You mentioned the Oscars, how about the Grammys? Do you…uh…?” Seamless.)

Thoughts, PopWatchers? Did Carvey’s impressions make you squirm, laugh, or both? Best Barack ever?