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Jimmy Fallon bleeds, Jimmy Kimmel worships the devil: a late-night round-up

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Proving that adolescent drinking games can be hazardous to your health, Jimmy Fallon fell and cut his hand while conducting one of his “martini races” on Tuesday night against Chelsea Handler. The slip and fall Fallon took was impressive, as was the amount of blood he started leaking… as was Handler’s aplomb: “I just wanted to promote my new book,” she said, gazing sourly at Fallon’s wound:

Meanwhile, last night Jimmy Kimmel suggested to American Idol that instead of doing a bland “peppy” group number, they ululate about worshiping the devil, drinking blood, eating hearts and brains. Here’s the song:

I’d like to put up the best moment of all: the terrific moment during last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson when Craig began deconstructing late-night cliches — the host signaling to the band; doing a Leno-esque adjustment to his tie; railing against having to wear a suit (“like a f—ing mortician!”) just because “talk show hosts have been doing this since the 1950s, so I have to dress like this? It’s like the Amish!”…

… but of course CBS.com never makes Craig’s clips available at a sensible hour the next morning. By which I mean now.

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