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'American Idol': Have you ever cried, like Kara?

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“As a woman who doesn’t have a child,” I have to ask. On last night’s American Idol, Kara DioGuardi was reduced to a pouty-faced heap of tears by Michael Lynche’s rather apt song choice, Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work.” Anyone who’s seen 1988’s She’s Having a Baby knows the significance of that song to a man with a pregnant/just-delivered wife. While I have trouble believing this is really the first time Kara has turned on the waterworks after a contestant has sung, her antics did get me thinking: Have I ever truly CRIED at American Idol? I ransacked the Cynical and Above It All chambers of my memory and realized that YES — I cried during Hollywood Week when Andrew Garcia did that ingenious acoustic rendition of “Straight Up.” It was just so…smart! And perfect! And Hey Paula! This guy was ON THE RIGHT PATH. I still can’t believe I cried. Something else must have been going on that night. Maybe I had suddenly remembered I was a woman who doesn’t have a child.

Earlier in the episode, Ellen DeGeneres defected from the sacred table of Vitamin Water and staged flirting to jog up to the stage to HUG Tim Urban. I wouldn’t mind hugging Tim Urban. Maybe if I hugged Tim Urban, his adorably crunchy family would invite me over and we could all braid each other’s hair. (Dad could watch.)

Anyway, now my question is twofold: Has an American Idol performance ever made you cry, and which contestant would you most like to hug? And do you like that the judges are getting sooooooo emotional, baby, or do you wish they would tone it down?

By the way…“Imagine a greasy slice of olive-loaf”: Great opening clause or THE GREATEST opening clause of a TV Watch, ever? Michael Slezak’s ‘American Idol’ recap: Dudes, Where’s My Star?

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett