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'Make It or Break It' recap: Did you see that coming?

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Image Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/ABC FamilyThe show has aired already, so I’m not going to hold back with the SPOILERS: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Carter picked Lauren!!!!!!!!! Ehem. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… This season of Make It or Break It has been building up to some big moments, but last night’s season finale delivered some big moments, including the aforementioned, and set us up for a killer season 2.

If Twitter reactions are any indication, I was not alone in my shock on many levels last night. In all, I predicted 3 of 6 major moments last night. And because watching this show always puts me in a wildly competitive mood, I’ve compiled my personal scorecard below.

Sasha does something hot – Predicted

Yes, I’m considering this a major moment because it was his confrontation with Kaylie’s father that lead to her competing against the Chinese. Sasha always comes through for the girls, and it wouldn’t be a finale without giving him at least one white knight moment.

Kaylie comes through – Predicted

This girl is the National Champion. If she had let teenage issues get in the way of gymnastics, I would have lost a lot of respect for her. Agree?

Payson returns to the bars during the competition – Did not predict

I think everyone knew Payson would step up somehow in this episode maybe by trying the bars during practice. But I never thought it would happen during The Rock’s most lucrative competition of the season. I know I get too invested in my television shows, so I’m not afraid to admit that I got a little choked up watching her triumph. I love this show.

The Rock kicks some butt – Predicted

The team has gone through a lot this year, so they needed a morale boost. I think their five medals against China did just that. Even sweeter? The fact that they earned more than the National Team did in Beijing.

Damon and Emily end on a tragic note after the fastest car ride ever as the radio played the longest song ever – Did not predict

Once I get in the car, it takes me at least 5 minutes to throw my giant purse the backseat and freshen my lip gloss. It then takes another 2-3 minutes for me to pick music and actually start the engine. So when Emily and Kaylie flew from The Pizza Shack to the radio station with enough time for Emily to hear the end of Damon’s song and get the bad news that he had already left, I was a little annoyed. My extremely picky gripe aside, I was rooting for a happy ending for these two. Hearing Damon’s love plea on the radio only built up that expectation. I wanted him to finish his song, look up, and see her through the radio station glass. Fail. Good thing we live in the age of Skype.

Carter chooses Lauren – Did not predict

There’s not much else to say about this. I was thrown for a loop, especially after Lauren’s pep talk with Kaylie (”If anyone ever loved me that much, I’d find a way to forgive him.”). And with Carter’s longing stare at the pizza shack, I was sure they’d find a way to make it work (But apparently he wasn’t staring at the girl I thought he was). All that said: Whoa, what an ending!

My mediocre prediction skills wouldn’t measure up in any competition of television wit, but how do yours measure up? Are you a television clairvoyant? What did you think of the Make It or Break It finale? Sound off in the comments section!