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Ludacris: The Big Idea Behind...

The ‘”Battle of the Sexes” rapper reveals the influences for his latest album

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The Bentley-driving playa lifestyle depicted on Battle of the Sexes (out March 9) is hardly revolutionary, but this time the machismo-drenched rhymes are often joined — and at times vigorously rebutted — by a lineup ?of female rappers, including Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim, and ?Eve. ”I wanted to do an album where you get both the male and female perspective, going back and forth,” he says. ”Nobody had really done it.”

?A tune about Tiger
On the solo track ”Sexting,” Ludacris warns a fling that his suspicious girlfriend has been snooping around his cell phone. Gee, doesn’t that sound just a little bit? familiar? ”It was inspired ?by Tiger Woods,” acknowledges the rapper.

Who’s a ho?
Lil’ Kim critiques the sexual double standard on the track ”Hey Ho.” Says Ludacris, ”A lot of women are sick of being called ho’s. They can just as easily call a man a ho too.”

Rated R
The CD’s look at male-female dynamics ?rarely strays far from the boudoir. ”Yeah, man, definitely,” laughs Ludacris. ”It’s a battle of the sexes with a capital S, capital E, capital X, and then lowercase es on the end.”