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'Bachelor' videogame coming in July: We are not even joking

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For many of us, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are already an interactive experience because we yell at the TV. But come July, it’s official with the release of The Bachelor: The Videogame, hosted by Chris Harrison and using the likenesses of past show participants. What you’re looking at here is Jason Mesnick, one of the five Bachelors and five Bachelorettes you can compete for. We’re just gonna go ahead and quote the press release verbatim:

“In single player mode, the game is structured like the TV show. It is comprised of multiple ‘episodes’ where the player competes against the game characters for time alone with the Bachelor or Bachelorette. The Wii version offers multiplayer mode for a fun party game enabling players to compete against their ‘frenemies.’ Opponents can sabotage others’ dates and prevent them from receiving a rose! During each ‘season’ or game, contestants go on a variety of Group Dates and a One-On-One Date to earn hearts. These dates include fun challenges, puzzles and mini-games, which test skills such as memory, speed, observation and precision. At the conclusion of each ‘season,’ players will participate in the rose ceremony, where the Bachelor or Bachelorette must take into account the number of hearts that each competitor gained throughout the dates. Who will receive the Final Rose and who will be eliminated? Stay tuned to find out!”

Now I would be lying if I said the idea of Kristen Baldwin, Jessica Shaw, Annie Barrett, and I sitting in a room trash-talking and trying to sabotage each other’s dates didn’t fill me with a bit of joy. (Date locations include “a beach house, a rooftop restaurant, the red carpet in Hollywood, and a snowy mountain resort, and more.”) But in my vision, we’ve gotten this game for free and afterward, there is not a fight over who gets to keep it. What do you think? Will you accept this CG rose?