Jeff Labrecque
March 03, 2010 AT 05:22 PM EST

Ghosts of Saturday Night Live presidential past came alive for’s attempt to promote financial reform. Director Ron Howard rounded up the ultimate all-star lineup of presidential imitators to advise a dreaming Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) about the much-debated Consumer Financial Protection Agency. As Dana-Carvey-slash-George-Bush-41 said in the behind-the-scenes video, “We’re not trying to destroy the free market casino; just trying to make sure the game isn’t fixed.” In addition to Carvey, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Will Ferrell, and Darrell Hammond resurrected their famous political alter egos, while Jim Carrey portrayed a low-hanging Ronald Reagan.

This was infinitely better than Disney World’s Hall of Presidents exhibit. A team of writers led by Al Jean (The Simpsons) and Adam McKay (Anchorman) did a superb job of giving each actor an opportunity to shine, though I’d give Hammond the Nobel Prize for Creepiness with his shameless come-ons to Michelle (Maya Rudolph). Carrey’s Reagan had a little too much Fire Marshal Bill in him, but I loved his line: “I went up against Tip O’Neill with nothing but a psychic oracle and these pendulous balls.”

Did you feel like you were watching history, albeit comic history, with this video? Are you going to call your senator and congressman, as the video suggests, or will you merely post the clip on your Facebook page?

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