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Jon Hamm: 'It's not called The Wheel. It's called...The Mercedes S400 Hybrid'

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Mercedes-Benz USA has hired Jon Hamm as the voice of its new ad campaign for the S400 Hybrid. According to the New York Times, Hamm will replace the actor Richard Thomas, best known as John-Boy on the former CBS series The Waltons. Ha! I wonder if Mercedes will just go all-out and include the Mad Men theme song in the background, like Dodge did with Dexter and Michael C. Hall. “But don’t, that sounds stupid.”

Will these new spokesperson duties conflict with his commitment to ham you can eat in the bathroom or his new restauarnt venture with Michael Bublé? You don’t want to wear too many fedoras, Jon Hamm! Anyway, Jon Hamm’s “terrific, very resonant voice with a lot of gravitas to it” is going to make me want to buy a Mercedes and a Kodak Carousel, and then I’ll be doubly depressed because one costs a billion dollars and the other was discontinued in 2004. Good work, M-Benz.

If you live in one of the 16 largest markets in the U.S., you’ll hear Hamm plugging hybrids a bunch of times during Sunday night’s Oscars. Are you hot and bothered…or just bothered by the thought of Don Draper urging you, the 2010 consumer, to do anything? And after watching that Kodak scene…are you crying?

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