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'Prince of Persia': New trailer looks like landlubber's 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

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The first trailer for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was heavy on gorgeous art direction, splendid pyrotechnics, and attractive-sounding British narration, but light on, um, what the heck is happening in this totally bonkers-looking movie. Well, plot enthusiasts, your prayers have been answered. The new trailer has arrived, with some slightly-more-expository British narration, and I think I’ve figured out the story: it’s Pirates of the Caribbean, without all that “water” stuff.

Like Pirates, Prince is a Jerry Bruckheimer-Disney joint, featuring an attractive semi-big star (Orlando Bloom = Jake Gyllenhaal), an equally attractive rising starlet (Keira Knightley = Gemma Arterton, who briefly stole Quantum of Solace), and a supernatural story about magic things that cause kooky weather. Don’t get me wrong: I liked the first one-and-a-half Pirates movies, and even without a corresponding Johny Depp-ish character, I’m a sucker for the adventure/romance/fantasy PG-13 cocktail.

But I also loved the videogame version of Sands of Time, and this trailer has me wondering if the screenwriters have made the rare mistake of adding way too much story. I’d prefer a movie more eerily mysterious than straightforward and cutesy (please don’t let them replace the videogame’s twisty, weirdly moving ending with jaunty dialogue and a kiss). Then again, all those marching armies and sun-drenched cityscapes look pretty nifty, and Gyllenhaal’s certainly got a better track record than Orlando Bloom. What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you so excited about Prince of Persia that you’re jumping from wall to wall? Or are you more excited about the newest videogame, The Forgotten Sands?