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Instant reaction to tonight's 'Lost': I think I need a hug.

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I usually begin these instant reactions with an impassioned plea to not read one word further if you haven’t actually seen tonight’s episode of Lost, but I’m just too drained and rattled to muster the emotion. (BUT SERIOUSLY, DON’T READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE EPISODE YET.)“Sunsetdown” was a bloody good show, and it’s currently trying very hard to stab “The Substitute” in its big old heart and supplant it as my fave episode of the season so far. But it was bleak and chilling and yep, bloody, from its portrait of Sayid’s complex heart of darkness (very fine work by Naveen Andrews, as always) to his assassinations of Dogen and Lennon, of whom we now ironically say: Gone too soon! (At least for me.) Call this one: The Apocalypse of Sayid. Or Smokey Armageddon! Or Terry O’Quinn is The Man! I’m currently processing and writing and hope to have a full recap of “Sunset” by sunrise… but first, I’m going to get that hug. The floor is yours!

UPDATE: Doc Jensen’s full recap of Lost’s “Sundown” is live!