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'Chuck' last night: What's in a name?

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I’ll be honest with you. Between watching too much late-night TV last night and deadlines for the print magazine looming today, I’m not going to write a full Chuck recap. Oh, and there’s also one other reason: With the exception of one plot-point, I didn’t think “Chuck Versus The Fake Name” was all that great. Sopranos-veteran guest stars Tony Sirico and Louis Lombardi were fun but after a while, their jokey presence wore thin for me. So did Chuck impersonating the thick-accented assassin Rafe. And I thought the break-up with Hannah/departure of Kristen Kreuk was hasty, while also thinking Kreuk did a fine job during her story-arc. Overall: It was just a “good” Chuck episode instead of a first-rate one, I’d assert.

But: I’ve seen next week’s episode, “Chuck Versus The Beard,” and it’s really good, so I promise I’ll dive more deeply into the show here next week.

But #2: Here what I want to do — open the floor for discussion from all of you. What did you think about Sarah telling Shaw her real name is “Sam”?

How are you feeling/what are you thinking about that revelation, and that relationship? (To get you started: I thought Yvonne Strahovski gave a terrific performance, and am I the only one who was kind of amazed at how huge Brandon Routh’s pectorals are? Strahovski’s Sarah certainly was… )

Your comments on the name-reveal and anything else, please; thank you.