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How to throw an Oscar party: These cookies, and plenty of punny dishes

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Image Credit: Courtesy of BakerellaThe Oscars are mere days away, which means it’s time to start prepping for your Oscar party. It’s more than just betting on winners and nipslips, PopWatchers! Some people take it to the next level. People like Bakerella, who made these amazing cookies. They’re just regular sugar cookies (she said…as if making regular sugar cookies is something totally easy and normal…), but they would seriously set the mood for an Academy-level shindig. But other than cookies, surely there are other Oscar-oriented foodstuffs you can feed your guests, no? Get that red carpet ready…

Because I cannot help myself, here are some pun-laden Oscar menu items:

Up in the Airheads (alternate: Up in the Pear)

The Blind Side dishes

A Single Manwich

A Cereal Man


Inglourious Bastarts (alternate: Inglourious Cheese Curds)

Dipstrict 9 (alternate: Biscuit 9)

Crazy Hearts of Palm Salad

The Fantastic Mr. Lox

The Lovely Scones

Ham Education

For drinks:

7 Up

The Squirt Locker


The Pabst Station

The only thing I can’t come up with is a punny dish for Precious. Help me out, PopWatchers!

Maybe you should stick with the cookies after all….