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EW plays marriage ref to TV couples

We weigh in on battles being waged on ”Glee,” ”Modern Family,” and more

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Jerry Seinfeld’s new reality show, The Marriage Ref on NBC, features celebrities judging everyday couples’ squabbles. With so many sparring spouses on TV now, we decided to try our hand at weighing in on their battles.

Desperate Housewives
The Issue
After the death of one of their unborn twins, Tom and Lynette headed to couples counseling to deal with her stern demeanor and his lack of responsibility.

The Judgment
A draw. Marriage is about compromise, and the two need to stop being so stubborn. Stress might also be relieved if they moved to a street with a few less tornadoes, murders, and plane crashes.

The Good Wife
The Issue
Alicia is still struggling to trust her state-attorney husband, Peter, after his adultery was revealed to both her and the public.

The Judgment
While Peter does seem to truly care about his wife, it’s hard not to side with Alicia since she’s the wronged woman in this case. But having her husband sleep on a cot in the maid’s room, after he’s already done jail time, does seem like a pretty solid form of punishment.

Modern Family
The Issue
In the interest of being succinct, Phil is a competitive goofball and Claire gets easily annoyed with him. She typically has to handle the fallout from his messes.

The Judgment
Phil is such a lovable doof that it sorta makes us wish Claire would lighten up a bit and not get so aggravated with him. But the dude has got to cool it with his rampant peeping at ladies’ boobs. It’s kinda pervy.

The Issue
Will and Terri’s problems are fairly standard: Boy meets girl, boy and girl get married, girl fakes pregnancy and attempts to pass off his student’s baby as her own. Oof!

The Judgment
Terri should be sentenced to life on a deserted island without even a volleyball to chat with — or at least be arrested. Poor Will does not deserve such a heinous lady, especially when there’s the lovely yet neurotic Emma waiting in the wings.