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Colbert kicks Canada when it's down, and those Canadian Iceholes love it

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In an unprecedented act of sportsmanship, Stephen Colbert took Canadian Iceholes off the on-notice board, where they had previously been sandwiched between Jane Fonda and limey squirrel eaters. And it may have been the Ziploc bag of cheap prescription drugs talking, but the Canadian spirit seemed to have won over our single-minded patriot. “Canada, I’ve changed my mind. You’re all Saskatcha-winners.” Yes, the host country’s “Own the Podium” campaign may have faltered, but Colbert was kind enough to share a “Cheer Up Canada” montage. Moose, maple syrup, cartoon mounties, Alex Trebek. Awwww. The assistant sports psychologist also gave us unprecedented access to the U.S. speed skating team’s locker room and interviewed snowboarder Seth Wescott, an esteemed PopWatch Olympic Stud of the Day. Last night’s Colbert Report is embedded below.

Sadly, it’s time to hang up that Ralph Lauren cardigan and bid adieu to the international broadcast chalet.It’s been a glorious pun-filled ride, from his xenophobic Cold War rants and probing questions (how do you tell the gender of a ski?) to his devil-may-care diplomacy and Freud Rage counseling sessions. His mission was bold — “Defeat the World!” — and nothing was off limits. Not even a pep talk with Tucker Fredricks’ gluteus maximus, or inventing an unobtanium medal to one-up Yevgeny Plushenko’s made-up platinum for figure skating (because gold is so 2006). Not even a game of fondue pong with the Swiss house director, whose steadfast neutrality did not waver. What about you, Colbert nationals? What were your favorite moments of Vancouverage?