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Blind Item: Pilot season's juiciest story revealed!

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Sick of seeing snow, snow and more snow? I feel your pain. (God, do I.) But perhaps I can relieve it, at least briefly, by offering you a blind item on which to focus? Let’s find out!

The situation is this: A hot — as in in-demand as well as easy on the eyes — free agent actor received several offers during pilot season. But one network was so determined to snag him for one of its higher-profile projects that when he turned it down, they offered it to him again. Then they polished the silver platter on which it had been offered and tried again. And again.

For months!

The leading man just wasn’t passionate about the show, you see, so was leaning in a different direction. Pretty much any other direction. Nonetheless, the network kept wooing him, upping the ante to the point that no human being could in good conscience refuse the kind of perks and pay they were dangling under his nose.

There’s just one problem: The pilot’s producers aren’t half as enamored of the star as the network, and now resent the fact that they’re “stuck” with him. Of course, knowing who I’m talking about, I’d say odds are pretty good that they’ll eventually fall for him, too. But in the meantime… who is he? And what’s the project? Guesses below. I won’t tell you if you’re right, but I may snicker more softly then.