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Alexis Bledel: Time for a change?

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In the new film The Good Guy, currently in limited release, poor little Alexis Bledel has such a hard life. She has a successful, attractive Wall Street boyfriend (Friday Night Lights’ Scott Porter), AND the attention of his equally (if not exceedingly) cute friend and co-worker (Bryan Greenberg).

Why is it that with every new role, Alexis Bledel finds herself in the awful predicament of having two incredibly attractive suitors fawning all over her? She’s like that girl you hated in high school; the one who simply takes a breath and has every male within a three-mile radius falling in love. Since her days in Stars Hollow when she was dating homegrown dreamboat Dean, but had the resident bad boy Jess pursuing her on the side, she’s always played the object of every man’s affection (and remember she chose Jess! A debate that will go down in pop culture history). While her three best friends were spending their summer vacations dealing with heavy issues (sex, an estranged father and new step family, cancer), in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Lena, the shy artist, was gallivanting in Santorini, being romanced by Kostas the Greek god. Her characters are always innocent heart breakers, oblivious to their effect on men. In last year’s Post Grad, Bledel grabs the attention of a much-too-hot-for-a-suburban-neighborhood Brazilian across the street (Rodrigo Santoro), while her “strictly platonic” best friend (played by another Dillon Panther, Zach Gilford) has been harboring a major crush on her for the past four years.

What’s strange about all this is that I like Alexis. But while I go see her movies (even Post Grad), and watch Gilmore Girls in syndication much more often than I’d like to admit, it would be cool to see her break out of this character rut. Her career could probably benefit from something new and different – just look at what a dramatic turn did for comedienne Mo’Nique this year. With a role in 2005’s Sin City, it looked like Bledel was ready to branch out, but since then she’s fallen back into the motions of Rory Gilmore. Maybe she could take a stab at the vampire thing?An intense family drama with Sam Mendes? Or even a raunchy comedy with Judd Apatow and co., anything that moves her away from the bookish, doe-eyed, unassuming beauty. Plus, wouldn’t you like to see her break the mold and get rejected by someone already? (for the sake of expanding her range as an actor of course, not your, err my, own jealousy.)

How ’bout it PopWatchers. Do you like Alexis Bledel? Anything new you’d like to see her in? Are there any other actors that seem to play the same characters over and over again?