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'Kick-Ass': Ten things about the new trailer too NSFW for us to discuss in any detail

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A new red band trailer for the ordinary-kids-decide-to-become-extremely-violent-superheroes movie Kick-Ass turned up over the weekend. It’s the film’s most offensive clip to date, and that’s saying something given that one of the previous trailers featured a young girl uttering the “c-word.”

Truth is, this new trailer contains a lot of things we really shouldn’t talk about in any great detail, so as not to distress the easily offended. Here’s a detail-free list of the top ten…

1. What Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson) does in his bedroom.

2. What he fantasizes about while he’s doing it.

3. Nicolas Cage’s facial hair.

4. “I want this ———-‘s ——- head on a stick.”

5. What Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) does to one goon’s head…

6. And to the back of another goon’s head…

7. And to the top of a third goon’s head.

8. The exact shape of the signal which the mayor is supposed to shine in the sky when he wants to contact Hit-Girl.

9. What a female fan would like to do to Kick-Ass’s brains if she had the chance.

10. Pretty much everything else.

You can see the trailer below. Check it out if you like, and tell us what you think. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!