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'60 Minutes': Will America eventually run on Bloom Box? (Instead of Dunkin?)

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Last night’s 60 Minutes featured a segment on the Bloom Box, a block of fuel cells you can fit in your hand that Bloom Energy CEO K.R. Sridhar says could power your whole house. (Or two European houses, or four Asian houses, you silly, consumptive American!) The “unusually secretive” company’s been around for eight years, and Google has been powering a data center on four Bloom Boxes for 18 months. After the jump — because we are so pathetic at science we can’t get the video to stop auto-playing — watch as Lesley Stahl becomes the first non-insider to peer into a refrigerator-size Bloom Box and emit a slightly hilarious, disappointed “Oh.” And tell us if you see yourself investing $2,000 for an energy innovation that might very well save the world…or at least contain the answers to Lost.

This all seems very exciting, but I found I could best relate to the voiceover that says, “He says he bakes the sand, and cuts it into little squares,” because it reminded me of brownies.