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Olympic Stud of the Day: Torah Bright

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In the interest in leaving the figure skating coverage to Mandi — and getting another non-American up in here! — Day 7’s Olympic Stud is Australian snowboarder Torah Bright, who won Australia’s first gold in last night’s Women’s Halfpipe finals. She’s so studly because she pulled off the winning run — including the switch-backside 720, a trick attempted by few men — after scoring a ridiculous 5.9 in the first heat. Ranking last earlier meant she had to go first later, so while everyone else tried their best to challenge Torah’s smiley energy and “I don’t need to naturally favor nothin’!'” technique, Torah had to just stand there in her adorable teal cap with her loosely plaited Eloise hair and be charming. Torah even took gold without trying the “double cork,” the double-flipping jump she’d been practicing all year, which has never been done in women’s competition.

Honorable mentions: Did I say I wasn’t going to mention skating again? Bulls—! Johnny Weir, who be good, deserved way higher than his sixth place finish. I don’t know why the judges are so afraid of his fabulousness. He made just one bobble on a spin. (“A spin!!!” –Scott Hamilton) Those judges should be forced to wear pink-tasseled crowns of red roses for a week to properly learn their lesson. Yes, somehow that would do the trick. Skier Julia Mancuso, for silvering again in the Slalom. Snowboarder Hannah Teter, for almost beating Torah and for selling maple syrup to help kids in Kenya. Great Britain’s curling skip Eve Muirhead, for being 19 years old and having J-Woww hairVictor Petrenko’s enormous eyes. And finally, Lysacek’s coach Frank Carroll for rarely breaking his expectant/slightly amused game face while waiting for scores.

Who was your Olympic Stud of Day 7, PopQuatchiers? And if I randomly live blog the women’s skeleton this afternoon, will anyone read it?

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