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Jay Leno 'Tonight Show' promo: Would you like to 'Get Back' to before you saw it?

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The Tonight Show promo currently airing during the Olympics for Jay Leno’s return — a near-carbon copy of last year’s promo, set this time to the Beatles’ “Get Back” — is as subtle as NBC had promised! NBC Entertainment Chairman Jeff Gaspin told EW last month that the network wants to promote Leno’s return “with some humor and a wink, not a sledgehammer.” Indeed, no heavy hardware necessary to blow that “10” card right off the side of one of Leno’s 7,000 vintage rides. The cosmic combo of a cheeky eyebrow raise, the grasp of Jay’s meaty paw on the clutch, and the carefree California highway air is more than enough get the job done.

I understand that Jay’s the one “getting back,” but I also have a visual and some bad audio in my head of Leno pretending he’s Paul McCartney and reminding Conan O’Brien that he “knew it couldn’t last.” So Conan would be the Jojo here. Would that make Kevin Eubanks the Sweet Loretta Martin? Somehow, yes. Sure.

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