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Christina Hendricks: Something else to obsess about

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I don’t think any able-eyed person on the planet would not like to gaze at the art for New York‘s Christina Hendricks cover story, “Woman of the Hourglass.” If you are reading this to the blind, go ahead and describe her signature slightly parted lips as well as the throbbing python of auburn weave gently snaking its way around right breast and left thigh in a manner a billion times sexier than an actual reptile did in Wayne’s World or on Britney Spears, and your audience could not help but be tickled, too. The article claims Hendricks should be recognized just as much for her acting ability as for her curves, and duh, I love that! But I’ve recently been worrying that we’re selling ourselves short if we aren’t also devoting a proper amount of attention to….


Look at her huge blue eyes!


Don’t get me wrong — I am all about the lady curves, the brilliance of Mad Men‘s Joanie, Joanie’s amazing monochromatic office dresses, Joanie’s vintage gold pen necklace, etc. But on top of all of that, Christina Hendricks has these angel eyes. Are you kidding? And she doesn’t even need eyes like this. She is so hot and awesome that she could have normal, non-hypnotic, run-of-the-mill peepers or even Coraline buttons and still be worshiped. But she has them! SHE HAS THESE EYES.

I’ll go ahead and put myself on Stalker Alert, unless enough people write in that they too have fallen under the spell of these other two globes sent from heaven. In the meantime, let us gaze.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Image credit: New York magazine; Jen Lowery/startraksphoto.com