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'Tool Academy 3': Meet the first lesbian Tool!

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, VH1’s Tool Academy returns on Sunday for a third round of couples counseling, zany competitions, and the rarified pleasure of seeing douchebags cry. But there’s a new twist for the “Selfish Twits and the Women who Love Them” competition: two Tools will be female, and the show will feature its first same-sex couple. We caught up with the Tool half of that couple, Courtney, to talk about her role in the show, and how she ended up fighting a professional wrestler.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Do you feel honored to be one of the first female Tools on Tool Academy?

COURTNEY: It’s a different type of honor, yes.

Did you think that you belonged in the Academy?

No. (Laughs)

How’s it going to feel to watch the series?

I know everything that happened, but I’m also the first gay Tool, so to speak, and I’m representing a whole community of people. So not only am I gonna have the heterosexual community commenting on me, I’m gonna have my gay community viewing this person. I’m a little bit more anxious.

Was that on your mind while you were filming?

I’m in Mexico, having a great time, and then I get thrown into this show by my partner. [NOTE: the Tools were initially told that they were competing in a reality show to decide who would be the new Party Ambassador to Mexico.] Like, “Awesome, thanks. Now I know what the show’s about, and you’re calling me a douchebag.” I didn’t think I was that bad! My first reaction was, “Holy S—! I am on this with a bunch of dudes and one other chick, but I’m the only gay person.” Once we got back into the Academy, that’s when it clicked: I’m not only representing myself, I’m representing bunch of people.

I’ve heard a lot of my gay friends say they should make a Tool Academy for gay people. We’re the same as straight people. Sometimes more dramatic, sometimes less.

In the first episode, there’s an impromptu wrestling match between you and another Tool, Chasyn.

I am proud of that. We were all giving Chasyn a hard time, because he’s, you know, Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance. He was talking about what a professional wrestler he was. But he wasn’t taking anybody’s offer for wrestling.

So I figure we’re about the same size. Well, not really, he’s about four inches shorter than me. But strength-wise, he should be stronger than me. If there’s going to be any truly fair fight that he would win, it would be with me. So why not? Do it. If he wins, he gets respect. If not, then I get to gloat about how much I beat a professional wrestler.

Would you ever go on another reality show?

I need to start watching more reality shows! I like competition shows.

So we’re talking, like, Survivor?

Or Celebrity Fit Club. I’m not the smallest person. I’ve lost weight since the show, but something that forces me to work hard could be fun.

If you went on Celebrity Fit Club, could we expect a wrestling match between you and a Baldwin?

I am happy to wrestle anybody.