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Rip your heart out: 14 chest-bursting scenes for V-Day

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And you thought Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was the only one! Extra special for Valentine’s Day, Sci Fi Wire has compiled 14 scenes of cinematic heart-ripping. From the aforementioned Mola Ram clip (and the Family Guy take-off) to Lloyd’s samurai daydream in Dumb and Dumber, there’s about every permutation you can think of. As a bonus, they even include an instructional video of how to create a heart-ripping scene by yourself (step 1: Get an old shirt you can ruin.) I can’t help thinking they’re missing some scenes, but all the possibilities that sprung to mind were false leads. Kill Bill: Vol. 2! But no, you never actually see David Carradine’s heart explode. Roadhouse! But no, Patrick Swayze only rips the guy’s throat out. There’s got to be others though. What am I forgetting?