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Taylor Lautner spec script: All the rage in Hollywood today

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What could Hollywood’s new It guy Taylor Lautner want for his 18th birthday? How about five studios fighting over a spec script that would throw Lautner front-and-center into an spy-actioner along the lines of Bourne Identity, but with teenagers. That’s exactly what’s happening today as DeadlineHollywood.com first reported this morning. The script, from writer Shawn Christensen is called Abduction and it went out last night to interested parties. Sources tell EW.com that as of now five parties including Dreamworks, Universal, and Sony are battling for the rights. One question that will be answered is whether or not Lautner will command the $7.5 million that is supposedly his going rate right now. Seems with this many people interested in him, the answer is yes. Also interesting to note is if this script has visions of Bourne in its head, could Universal actually use it as the reboot to the Bourne franchise that they’ve been looking for? Hmm… Stranger things have happened. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted with how this all shakes out. A deal is likely to happen today.