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Kid 'N Play spotted on 'The Mo'Nique Show': Can we call it a comeback?

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Are ’80s-’90s hip-hop duo Kid ‘N Play poising themselves for a comeback? Seems very much like it. First, LeBron James did the Funky Charleston to their music in that State Farm ad last year, then the duo themselves emerged and danced together at the 2009 Hip Hop Awards on BET. And last night they were on The Mo’Nique Show, dancing again. The boys’ signature New Jack Swing dance moves start about three minutes in, if you’d rather just fast-forward to instantly have that “awwww” type moment:

Does this mean that we’re soon going to be fielding the announcement for House Party 4? And a new album? Something’s brewing, folks. Would you like to see a full-blown Kid ‘N Play reunion/resurgence? Did you dig their performance on Mo’Nique?