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Blind item: Dying show buries actress' future

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You’re gonna like this: I’m leaving it up to you to decide whether this blind item is a case of denial or spite. What’s the story? An up-and-coming actress on a doomed hour drama was the top choice to headline a much-buzzed-about pilot — you know, the sort that could’ve turned her from a “soon-to-be” to an “is.” The series’ big-shot producer wanted her. The network wanted her. Everyone wanted her.

But… well, you knew there’d be a “but.” Even though it would take a miracle of biblical proportions to save her current show, its suits refused to release her from her contract. “We could be back next season,” they insisted. Uh, yeah, so could my humility.

As a result, the almost-leading lady got screwed. Who is she, and what going-going-gone drama’s producers were so deluded, or so nasty, that they wouldn’t give her the all clear? Sound off below.

Oh, and while we’re in blind item territory, I should tell you that I’m about to do something I rarely do: give you a major clue about an old blind item. This one, to be exact. But there’s a twist: The clue will be revealed via twitter at some point in the next 24 hours, so best start following me via @ewausiellofiles if you want to know the best-kept secret in Hollywood.