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Late Night: All the teleprompter monkeys noticed Sarah Palin's buzzword-tattooed hands

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On last night’s late-night shows (and one weird one at 10 p.m.), everyone who qualified as “a charismatic guy with a teleprompter” reacted to Sarah Palin’s address to the National Tea Party Convention. They also picked up on what Jon Stewart called Palin’s “Maverick-y note card hand-scribble buzz words” Palin had been consulting instead of a teleprompter. Politico.com compiled the best moments as Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, and Stephen Colbert attempted to go analog themselves.

Which buzzwords are on your hands today? My left hand says “Slezak” and the right one says “Kill” but the lettering is backwards. And “look in the mirror” has been knitted into my sweater upside-down, but that’s usually the case. I don’t know what it all means because I don’t have a teleprompter. Life!

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