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Dolph Lundgren must have really wanted to be part of PopWatch On Ice

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Here is an odd song/dance/feats of strength obstacle course, performed by Dolph Lundgren on the Swedish show Melodifestivalen. Wait, no. It would be much better if I let Lost producer (and EW confidant) Damon Lindelof introduce the following crazy in 140 characters or less: This morning, I awoke wondering what Dolph Lundgren is up to these days. Your answer, friends:

Well, Dolph, after witnessing the wonder that occurred at 3:00, we have no choice but to grant your wish. Dolph, you are now a platinum member of EW.com’s exclusive PopWatch On Ice…society clique…thing. Mandi, an overly excited Scott Hamilton, Johnny Weir, commenter Jenn, and I are happy to have you! Here is your stamp of approval. You fought to win for you, for you, and it has once again paid off!

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett