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Colin Farrell, I belatedly salute you! (and I want to see 'Ondine')

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I was never much of a Colin Farrell fan when he was a generic action-film star, with all those icky tabloid stories to boot. And his Alexander wasn’t going to set him up for any lifetime achievement awards. But I’ve really been impressed by him in several recent roles – starting with the overlooked brilliance of In Bruges. He was a great charmer as one of the Heath Ledger fill-ins in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and as I’ve already written, he was perfect as the pretty boy new-country crooner in Crazy Heart. I’m feeling guilty that I ever doubted him.

Up next is Ondine, which has signs of greatness: It’s a modern-day fairytale/romance/drama directed by the great Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Michael Collins), and Farrell gets to use his own Irish accent. I’m equally excited for him to play another Irishman, with Cillian Murphy, in the forthcoming At Swim, Two Birds.

Who else wants to see Ondine? Anyone else had a change of heart about Mr. Farrell over the years?