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Tame Colbert/Fallon elevator scuffle makes us long for Colbert/Conan/Stewart face-off of yore

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Before shooting his own show yesterday, Stephen Colbert dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about the Colbert Nation-sponsored U.S. speedskating team and how well he had assimilated into Grammy culture. He also raised beef with Jimmy because Glamour magazine readers had voted they’d like to “Do” Jimmy Fallon, “Dump” Conan O’Brien, and “Marry” Stephen Colbert. “I don’t care if Jimmy Fallon is ‘totes hot,'” Colbert whined on the Report, “Marriage is a sacred trust!” Colbert also seems to have an easier rapport with his own director Jimmy than his totes hot rival Jimmy. So it only made sense that the awkward tension between the two late-night hosts would come to a slow simmer in a 30 Rock elevator. They casually work out their aggression on hidden cam with about 1:30 left in the clip below. (Part 1 of their interview is here.)

Way too tame! We loved that the elevator scuffle reminded us of the Colbert/Conan/Stewart Brawl and Dance-Off combo platter of 2008, but upon linking back to our coverage of it, realized the NBC video no longer exists. You can find it on YouTube but in bizarre user-generated “music video” formats. Here’s one, set to “Your Guts (I Hate ‘Em) by Reel Big Fish. Better than nothing, P-dubs?

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