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'Survivor': The new season

The info and intel you need for when the show’s 20th season begins on Feb. 11

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Here’s the vital info and intel you need for when Survivor‘s 20th season kicks off Feb. 11.

1. Who’s on it?
The cast is heavy on recent players, with nine people competing for the third time.

Rupert Boneham
(Pearl Islands, All-Stars)

James Clement
(China, Micronesia)

Colby Donaldson
(Australian Outback, All-Stars)

Cirie Fields
(Panama, Micronesia)

Amanda Kimmel
(China, Micronesia)

Jessica ”Sugar” Kiper

Stephenie LaGrossa
(Palau, Guatemala)

James ”J.T.” Thomas

Tom Westman

Candice Woodcock
(Cook Islands)

Tyson Apostol

Randy Bailey

Sandra Diaz-Twine
(Pearl Islands)

Danielle DiLorenzo

Russell Hantz

Jerri Manthey
(Australian Outback, All-Stars)

”Boston” Rob Mariano
(Marquesas, All-Stars)

Parvati Shallow
(Cook Islands, Micronesia)

”Coach” Benjamin Wade

Courtney Yates

2. The Russell Factor
Because Heroes vs. Villains filmed before the Samoa season started airing, the other contestants never saw Russell making and breaking alliances willy-nilly, or finding hidden immunity idols with no clues, or burning tribemates’ socks — so they could be in for a rude awakening. But if his depressed scowl at the Samoa reunion is any indicator, Russell won’t turn up a winner here, either.

3. The injury bug will bite…hard
The contestants are immediately greeted with a brutal first reward challenge that claims two victims: Stephenie dislocates her shoulder, and Rupert breaks his toe. (Another player livens up the contest by giving the finger — while topless. Good stuff all around!) How will these injuries affect two players who pride themselves on their toughness? Stay tuned…