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Spock Talks Trek

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Always wanted to captain your own Federation (or Klingon!) starship? Now you can with the just-launched game Star Trek Online (startrekonline.com). We sat down with Zachary Quinto, 32, to chat about the new game and the next Trek movie.

How did you get involved with this?

It was a good way to show my continued support for the Star Trek universe, because I’m going to leave it for a while until we start the second movie. I’m not a gamer. I played [Star Trek Online] for about a half hour. I’m not really good at that stuff. I had an Atari when I was a kid, when it was still the gaming console. Pitfall! is my favorite game ever.

In the movie you’re Spock, but not in the game. So what’s your role?

I play a tutorial character, the emergency medical hologram. He’s sort of Vulcan, but he’s got an undercurrent of sarcasm, a little passive aggression. I recorded for four, five hours, so it was a pretty minimal commitment. I think I’m talking about it more than I actually talk in it.

How’s the movie sequel coming?

[The writing team is] probably sequestered in a room somewhere. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see what they’re coming up with. The next stage will be actually drafting the script. It’s a long process, so I don’t expect to have anything to read until the end of the year.