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Ratatouille history remade on 'The Jace Hall Show': A preview clip from season 3

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I admit it. This father-of-two wants to bike over to Jace Hall’s house, knock on his front door and ask his mother, “Can Jace come out to play?” The executive producer for ABC’s V has manufactured a pretty fantastic lifestyle for himself. After helping create some of your favorite video games (Justice League Heroes), he’s segued into television production with ABC’s promising alien-invasion series. He also hosts his own R-rated online mockumentary series, which is waist-deep in geekdom pleasures, including nostalgic video games, actual lightsaber duels, and comic-book legend Stan Lee. He even gets to hang with Rocky IV rivals Carl Weathers and Dolph Lundgren. (Biggest surprise? At 6’7″, Hall dwarfs both 1980s action heroes.) But it’s Hall’s connection to V that yields the first must-see moment of The Jace Hall Show‘s third season. Jane Badler, who played the evil alien, Diana, in the original V, cameos in today’s new episode, which goes live on IGN.com at 6 p.m. ET. I don’t know how they technically did it, but her rodent snack is somehow even more en-grossing than it was 25 years ago.

Badler has a gift. Truly. As does Hall’s FX crew. How did they do that? Am I the only one mesmerized by this reenactment of one of my childhood’s most jaw-dropping pop-cultural moments?