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PopWatch on Ice: Your figure skating questions for Kristi Yamaguchi?

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The Winter Olympics open in Vancouver Feb. 12, at which point at least 5 percent of your daily PopWatch will be served on ice. 1992 figure skating gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, who will serve as a special NBC Olympics correspondent for Today, has agreed to answer EW readers’ burning questions about the Winter Games’ most beloved sport. Ask a figure skater anything! Your inquiries need not boast equal parts technical merit and artistic presentation, though the mean judge from Russia will be much more amenable if they do.

I’ll get this party started: Is it mentally easier or tougher to land jumps if you’ve already fallen or wobbled once? Better to skate first or last? Why do today’s U.S. women insist on those fugly nude-colored skate covers when the classic leg-on-white color scheme is so much more attractive? Do you ever feel sorry for the roses fans throw down on the ice that you don’t get to pick up? Who was Tonya Harding kidding? Did you feel somewhat cheated that your medal was only like one-eighth gold? Because I would! That is bogus!

Your turn.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Image credit: Junji Kurokawa/AFP/Getty Images