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'24''s new mane man

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As President Hassan on Fox’s 24, Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire) is turning heads not just for his standout performance but for his remarkable coif.

1. Prep
24‘s head hairdresser, Michael Marcellino, perfects Kapoor’s six-inch ‘do with styling cream, mousse, hairspray, and plenty of tugging with a brush. ”The higher I go, the higher this character goes,” Kapoor says.

2. Idols
The 50-year-old actor puts Elvis Presley (”I loved his puff!”), Robert Downey Jr., and Robert Pattinson in his hair hall of fame. ”At the moment, I’m only jealous of [Pattinson]. He’s my competition.”

3. Hazards
Rain, snow, humidity — none can cramp his weatherproof tuft. ”It’s stood by me through thick and thin,” he jokes. ”But I have to duck if I’m going into the bathroom.”