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Exclusive: 'Ugly Betty' will end with a [spoiler alert]!

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The latest research shows that nothing helps one power through the five stages of grief like a red-hot piece of scoop. I think the study is being published on Friday in one of those highfalutin medical journals. Anyway, with that in mind, I offer those of you mourning the demise of Ugly Betty an exclusive tidbit about the impending series finale…

Multiple sources confirm that the last episode will feature (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) a wedding!

Don’t you feel better? Come on, admit it — you just leapfrogged over anger and skipped bargaining altogether. Maybe this next bit will even get you to acceptance: One half of the couple getting hitched is a series regular.

Let me help you narrow down the finalists:

Betty and Henry

Betty and Gio

Betty and Daniel

Betty and Matt

Betty and Walter

Amanda and Daniel

Wilhelmina and Brian Stokes Mitchell

Wilhelmina and Connor

Marc and Cliff

Hilda and Bobby

Hilda and Archie

Ignacio and Elena

Place your bets in the comments section! And you’re welcome!

Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles/ABC