Margaret Lyons
January 25, 2010 AT 05:46 PM EST

Damages comes back tonight! Woohoo! The rich, suspenseful legal thriller is one of my favorites, and not just because Glenn Close kicks so much ass as queen bee (and bee-yotch) Patty Hewes. Also because Damages has the best, most against-type supporting cast. Ted Danson’s performance as bad guy Arthur Frobisher is one of my favorite TV surprises ever — I never expected Sam Malone to be such a perfectly nuanced villain. Darrell Hammond’s creepy assassin dude was another interesting departure, and William Hurt’s slippery scientist had me guessing all season long. This time we’re in for some more A-listers, but I’m particularly jazzed for the comedic-turned-dramatic stars Lily Tomlin and Martin Short.

My one concern is the central case of the season: It’s about a Louis Tobin (Len Cariou), a Bernie Madoff-esque greedy financier. If any show can make me interested in finance, it’s Damages, but it’s an uphill battle. I can’t be the only one who’s Madoff-ed out, am I?

Still, some hesitation about the case can’t dull my enthusiasm for the show. Other than Patty and Ellen, who do you love on Damages, PopWatchers?

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